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Gomanlift joined CCE 2018 in Shanghai, China

Asia's largest and most influential exhibition - Expo Clean for Commercial Properties and Hotels 2018 (CCE 2018) took place in Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 26th to 28th. This is the highest level trade in cleaning industry in China, with big payers in this sector, like 3MAMETEKHakoKarcherNilfiskTENNANT, etc. 

Hubei Goman Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. , as the leading spider lift manufacturer in China, joined the fair with X18, the post popular and successful spider lift in the cleaning industry among its various models, which is less than 2.0m high, 0.80m wide, easy to operate. Besides, its price is most attractive. The multi-power sources provide a continuous supply of momentum for longer time construction. The articulated spider design can make the height of aerial working up to 18 meters. At the same time, it is easy to stowed; the stable chassis allows workers to move freely at a height of 359° in a platform without a fixed point; The compact design and light weight, allow the lifts easily access to most places that requires indoor cleaning, installation, and maintenance. The clean energy, safe and efficient, and convenient mobile features make Gomanlift helpful to build green China.

As an ingenious product of Goman, X18 excels in energy saving, environmental protection, and reliability. It provides customers with more efficient and safer working methods in high altitude cleaning, and is highly convenient for high-altitude operations.

In the Goman’s booth, X18 attracted a lot of potential customers every day. Among them, there are traders, facility managers, service contractors, real estate developers and owners.

Gomanlift focuses on manufacturing high-quality spider lift and other aerial work platforms. It keeps launching new products with innovation and practical appliance, with high adaptability and competitiveness to the international market. 

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